The Telegraph: How to navigate the bumpy road of scaling-up

Guy Blaskey is the founder and managing director of Pooch and Mutt, a dog food brand that he set up in 2008 and is now registering an annual turnover of £4.5m. He admits that he made many mistakes before unlocking the keys to growth.

“When I started, I thought that all a business needed was good marketing, which I was good at, but to be successful, you need to appreciate the importance of all other roles and get really good people to do them,” says the entrepreneur, who adds that he spent too much time trying to do sales himself, when he needed to find an experienced and dedicated worker instead.

“My biggest mistake was not hiring quickly enough and then not hiring experienced people quickly enough,” he states, citing finance as a key discipline to get right. “To grow, you need people who know more than you do about their roles.”

The company is now heading in the right direction, claims Mr Blaskey, who has a crack team and clients including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Pets at Home. “Over the past 18 months, I’ve reigned everything in and now we have everyone pulling in the same direction.”

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